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August 29, 2020

Imagine having the power to make satisfactory progress in diverse areas of your life. Wouldn't that be amazing? Yes, it will. I'm going to show you how to go about improving yourself daily.

Each day represents the basic unit of one's life. We measure our lives in days, and we group our days into years to calculate how long we've lived. For you to have a glorious and fulfilling year,  your focus should be on making the best use of your day. 

It is good to aspire for a greater future, but failure to make the best use of the day makes it difficult for you to achieve your goals. To avoid underutilizing the resources at your disposal, it is essential to be decisive in terms of the activities you take up, pay attention to how you respond to your daily challenges and launch helpful projects to facilitate your progress.

If you listen to motivational speeches as I do, you've probably heard of a statement like "have a big goal, think big, but start small."  I've heard talks of this nature several times, in the end,  it doesn't give one a clue regarding where and how to start. 

We are living in a world with too much motivation in which people are rarely taught the right actions to take and in what order to carry out different tasks in the pursuit of their ultimate goals. 

People dabble into several things and hope they succeed without knowing how to monitor their progress or even the right time to give up and try something else. It is highly frustrating to have high energy for work without a comprehensive instruction on how to channel it.

My big dissatisfaction with motivation without the right strategies to take action forced me to come up with strategies to achieve my goals by focusing on what I do daily. I realized that the secret of successful people lies in the actions they take every day.

I  developed several tools for making the best use of my day. I documented them in my new book titled 'DAILY MASTERY'. I'm sharing one of these tools with you so that you can start using it right away.

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I hope the Day-Auditing tool helps you to become the best you can be. 


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