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January 30, 2021

We feel spiritual and psychological events through the aid of the brain. In other words, the brain acts as a broadcasting station for psychological and spiritual experience.

Through spirituality, you can communicate with the external environment without relying on empirical data. Conversely, psychology makes use of external information to make sense of the world.

People often muddle up the concept of religion, spirituality and psychology, but they are distinct. Spirituality and psychology are subcomponents of religion. Let me shed light on this.

You can divide religion into three components. 

(a.) Spirituality 

(b.) Psychology 

(c.) Instructions and rituals.


Spirituality is made up of the non-material objects of the universe experienced through the human's soul. Spirituality is taken to be the cause, while the physical world is the effect. In religion, spirituality is about staying alert to the non-material world and in-tune with God.

Some prefer to see God as an infinite being or supreme being, while some deny the existence of God. Whichever view one holds, it doesn't deny people from having a spiritual experience.


Psychology has to do with the use of the brain to process information and determines how we relate with the world. Psychology in religion entails the sets of instructions given to influence our behaviour and lifestyle. 

Some religion commands aren't spirituality. For example, wearing a modest dress is not spirituality, it only promotes spiritual experience. A well-covered dress won't trigger the brain such as to lose connection with spiritual frequency. The brain gets triggered by different events.  Dresses that exposes sensitive part of the body triggers sexual experience, thus, reduces spiritual experience.

Instructions and rituals.

Religious directives suggest how one should conduct oneself. These directives include what to wear, eat or not eat, etc. Most religion admonitions are meant to preserve one's spirituality.

Rituals such as prayer, fasting, mindfulness meditation, incantation, recitation of holy books, vigil, etc. ensure that the brain is fully alert to spiritual experience.

When you pray or fast, you transform the brain from a mere organ for processing information and regulating biological functions to a spiritual antenna for receiving information outside sense experience. Spirituality has nothing to do with the suspension of our thinking as some religious founders often say. Rather, spirituality enhances our ability to dominate the material and non-material world. Psychology applies to all, while you access spirituality through spiritual practices put in place across different religions and organizations.

When you are spiritually alert, you have access to past and future events without having any prior knowledge. You also possess the ability to influence the physical world in unconventional ways.

Because the brain carries out both spiritual and psychological functions, it is possible to misrepresent these experiences. 

It is a spiritual experience to see people for the first time, without telling you about themselves, you know much about them and what they are passing through. Also, actions may be inspired by psychology or the instruction received through a spiritual medium.

I use to be a bellow average or randomly average person. Back in 2009, I failed the first part of my pre-degree examination. I think I had 43 or 42 mark, which was far below the cutoff mark of 60  to qualify for admission.

So, I declared 7 days of fasting and prayer. I didn't eat anything, I will lock myself inside the room, pray, study the Bible, and pray. Around 3.pm the third day, I received an instruction to go to a friend's house, about 30 minutes work from mine.

 I experienced like a form of sensation that something is waiting for me there, so, I took off. On getting to the house, I saw a book with brother, "Study Smarter and not Harder" by Kevin Paul.

I've been praying to pass my exam and seeing the book, I immediately recognized it was the answer to my prayer. I was glad and I broke my fasting and prayer immediately. I got a copy of the book, read it several times and followed the instructions for the remaining part of my programme. In the end, I had 80+% in my final exam and about 67 average scores.

Psychological experience is when I spent hundreds of hours perusing books and journals on thinking and problem-solving, and I later have the capacity to develop models to capture events in different areas of life. Model creation didn't emerge from a spiritual experience, but If I didn't have a brain in the first place, I won't be able to create models. For this reason, I take no pride in my exploit.

I was praying one day and I had to leave my room to visit someone. After having a sensation about what he was passing through, I went to his house and told him exactly what I felt. He said I was absolutely right with my description. I encouraged him and we prayed together. 

Following religion instructions and carrying out religious rituals prepare you for spiritual experiences. If your religion forbids alcohol, it is to avoid breaking your spiritual frequency. Alcohol intoxicates by altering the brain's biology and spiritual configuration.

Many religious instructions and rituals were passed down as dogmas. People don't know why they were put in place. So, we judge spirituality based on the practices that are meant to enhance spirituality, rather than the actual spiritual experience.

Religion serves five major purposes by providing answers in these five areas:

a.) Where did we come from?

b.) Where are we going?

c.) How do we conduct ourselves in different situations? That is, the elements of our behaviours and lifestyles such as profession to take, what to eat or wear, how many wives to have, etc. 

d.) How do we manage pains and unforeseeable difficulties of life? Religion uses the instrument of psychology and spirituality to do to handle this aspect of life.

e.) How do we relate with people within and outside our religion?

Finally, We are all subjected to the same rules that govern the universe whether one is spiritually alert or not. Many people successfully live their lives without any spiritual experience. Being spiritual is an advantage to enjoy spiritual benefits, not a license to have a stress-free life.


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