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January 21, 2021

What does it mean to think differently?

Apple popularized the concept of "think different" in its 1997 adverts, which means to be innovative. A new idea proceeds from the mind before it becomes a reality. For one to produce fresh ideas, there is a need to understand the concept of thought.

What are thoughts? 

Thoughts are the conclusions we form in our mind about the present, past or future events, and it influences our actions and perceptions about the world. We all have numerous thoughts about the essence of life, religion, culture, technology, riches, poverty, development, etc. Knowledge creates thought.

Humans are products of what they think. Knowledge powers our thoughts. Thoughts arise from the knowledge received through culture, religion, schools, media, relationship and personal experience. Without the right knowledge, the brain can't process some thoughts. New ideas do not fall from the sky; instead, it comes through observation and reflection.

Three essential elements for stimulating innovative ideas are knowledge, thought, and action. Knowledge entails all the available information about the world. Some thoughts and some are weak. So, while working with knowledge, it is your responsibility to accept only profound ones.  

Thought creates clarity of decision and guides one on what action to take. Action, on the other hand, is the outlet for expressing knowledge and thought. Knowledge powers thought, thought directs action, and action guides knowledge acquisition. 

You can gather new knowledge through studying or work. When you use your thoughts, you discover their limits, and reality forces you to modify them. You wouldn't know you need more knowledge until you discover the limitation of your present knowledge.

The world is an unfinished business that continually undergoes economic, technological, political and socio-cultural improvement. The essence of knowledge is to help you explore the world—to make you soar above your limits.  Knowledge facilitates thought. Acquiring new knowledge and working with what you know allows you to think differently.

Thought, knowledge and action give one the ability to come up with innovative ideas. Thinking makes the world what it is today, and if anything is going to change in our lives or the world, we must acquire more knowledge and tryout many things in order to come up with innovative thoughts.


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