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February 6, 2021


We love to see a peaceful world; but in reality, it is not going to happen now or in the future. In this divided world, the substance of our existence revolves around tension, conflict and competition. Until humans cease to exist on this planet, there is probably no way forward out of our perpetual misunderstanding. We may make progress technologically, but our human relationship will continue to be dented by bias and sentiments.

Life is a drama, and we are acting out different scripts. The scripts with which we create different life's drama are visible, but we live in a denial of them. These scripts set us against ourselves, and until we modify the entire script, we will never experience collective peace. 

Among the scripts responsible for the tension we are facing are:

  • Economic Drama 
  • Religion Drama
  • Culture Drama
  • History Drama
  • Morality Drama

Economic Drama

Everyone should be able to meet his/her daily needs. Public institutions ought to educate every new member at little or no fee. It should empower people to create value to solve societal problems. Unfortunately, the world is advancing faster than most public institutions today can catch up. These institutions focus more on rote memorization rather than producing independent thinkers and problem-solvers. The rote memorization method is insufficient to prepare the citizens of any nation to meet today's challenges.

The basic questions we should be asking ourselves are: 

  • How do we empower each member of the society economically to meet their needs? 
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the current system of production and distribution? 
  • What systems can we put in place based on the peculiarity of our people and economic terrain? 
  • How do we raise people to be ambitious and satisfied only with what their ambitions afford them?

The world is ever-evolving, and the economic system put in place in the past cannot meet our imminent crisis. We either create systems to meet people's needs or produce more weapons to fight crime.

Religion Drama

Religion remains one of the core problems of the world. Without religion, the world will have some issues, but entirely different from the unsolvable ones contributed by conflicting religious doctrines.

Religion emerged for a reason, it comes from men search for meaning. After several years since religion became part of humanity, it is yet to provide undisputable solutions to the problems it were purported to solve.

 The questions of: 

  • Where did we come from? 
  • Where are we going after death? 
  • How should we conduct ourselves while we are here? 
  • How do we deal with evil and life's uncertainties? 
  • How should we treat people from other faiths? 

The main problem religion creates is encouraging people to despise those from other faiths. A lot of people attack those that are not part of their religion physically or verbally. They claim an exclusive right to God in their different religion and see outsiders as those need to be redeemed. 

Well, the drama is just beginning. As long as religion divides the world into believers and unbelievers, sheep and goats, etc. people will always fight back. The solution to religious conflicts is simple, create laws to prevent religious practitioners from attacking others physically or verbally. However, it is impossible to implement this strategy because most religions were built on being the only supreme and authentic. Whereas, no one can physically verify the authenticity of any religion until we reach the world beyond

Culture Drama

Humans are biological machines powered by knowledge gathered through culture, religion, schools, media and other social organizations. Our problem is not that of having too many cultures, but our culture was built in our heart with sentiments. Tribalism and racism are offshoots of the sentiments planted in our culture. 

People were nurtured to feel superior and to judge others from their cultural perspective. We associate ourselves with people whom we share the same culture and at war with those from other tribes and ethnic groups.

History Drama

No one starts life with a clean sheet, we inherited both the goodwill and animosity of our predecessors. The roles our ancestors played constitute a stumbling block to how we relate with ourselves. I get judged by the decisions the likes of Obafemi Awolowo made because we happen to share the same culture. 

It is saved to borrow from the wisdom of the people that lived before us, but absolute foolishness to continue in their hatred and poor handling of the situations of their time. To free our minds from historical drama, we should be asking ourselves questions about the systems that we need to put in place to live peaceably with one another. 

Morality Drama

If we were to judge others by how their behaviours affect us only and not how they differ from our cultural or religious values, we would have little problems with ourselves. But this is not the case, we want people to adhere to morality as stipulated in our culture and religion. 

The practices in different religions should only be binding on people that choose to practice them and not the rest of the world. I wouldn't want to subject myself to the rules in other religions. Likewise, people outside my faith wouldn't want to be judged by my moral standards. Until we judge morality by how it affects people physically and mentally rather than our cultural and religious rules, the world will continue to be at loggerhead with one another. 

Identifying and finding sustainable solutions to our problems is the first step to making the world a better place. But before that, make peace with yourself. Considering what makes the world what it is, there is little anyone can do about it. The world we have right now will forever remain the same in thousands years as long as we are still working with the same scripts. 


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