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February 20, 2021

Many information used in nurturing people in different cultures and religions is subjective knowledge. You are expected to accept them unquestionably. However, the adult members of each society impact the young ones with their shared ideas as if they are objective. They indoctrinate new members by rewarding good behaviour and punishing them for the bad ones. The punishment may be as grievous as being ostracised from the rest of the group. Once people accept certain ways of seeing the world, it is difficult to change them during their adult years.

The most difficult intellectual exercise is not thinking, memorization, remembering or learning complex mathematical equation. Unlearning is the most challenging activity. But I've found a simple way to go about unlearning ideas. The two intellectual weapons for unlearning previous ideas about the world are empathy and patience.

Empathy is developing the capacity to see the world through the eyes of other people. In a technical term, it is the ability to run the software that powers others. You can empathize with others by acquiring their knowledge or putting yourself in their shoes (assume you are them). Empathy is a brilliant tool in problem-solving, design thinking and unlearning anything.

Patience is a virtue that will help you endure the difficulty of seeing the world from a fresh angle. It takes time to rewire the brain to think in new trains of thought. You must be patient until new sets of information available to you become part of your working memory.

To know the set of things to unlearn, focus on enhancing your capacity. Your aspiration will force you to accumulate the right knowledge.


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