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February 13, 2021

In the pursuit of one's goals, failure and temporary defeat discourage one from pushing harder. Hence, it is needful to get rid of negative mindsets that may hinder you from achieving your aims. Daily affirmation is a useful tool for creating a state of mind that is conducive to success. 

What are daily affirmations? 

It is the act of inducing your mind with positive words to override negative subconscious thoughts. 

The thoughts and the activities you engage yourself during the day deplete your energy mentally and physically. It is needful to renew your strengths and prepare your mind daily with positive words. 

Have ten to twelve written statements that you repeat at least twice daily—early in the morning, during the day and late before going to bed.

Examples of the positive statements that you can repeat daily are:

  • I believe in my Gods' given ability.
  • I can learn and master anything I wish to learn.
  • I love myself and show love to the people around me
  • I'm a genius.
  • I'm wealthy.
  • I'm happy always.
  • I work hard every day.
  • I'm calm, focus, alert, confident, enthusiastic and relaxed.
  • I achieve excellence and attain a high level of mastery in all my works.
  • I attract luck and opportunities to myself, etc.

These written statements must reflect what you desire, not what you don't want. For example, don't write, "I am not lazy." Instead, write, "I work hard every day." The brain creates a mental picture of words to understand the meaning. Therefore, directly influence the brain to picture what you intend to achieve and not what you don't want.

Your mental health is crucial for your success, and you must take care of it from day-to-day. Don't let daily challenges make you lose control of your mind. Keep your mind in check through the use of positive-affirming words.


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